16th International Workshop
on Langerhans Cells

03—06 October 2019 • Mainz/Budenheim (Germany)

16th International Workshop
on Langerhans Cells

03—06 October 2019 • Mainz/Budenheim (Germany)

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Supermarkets and shops will be closed, however restaurants will most likely be open on that day.

Travel planning

Interactive directions

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First arriving at Schloß Waldthausen, please enter the main building (see photo) to check-in for the workshop and/or the hotel.

From Mainz main station or Budenheim station the venue can easily be reached by public transportation in 20 minutes.

The public bus no. 68 operates frequently between the city center and Schloß Waldthausen. Find below the time schedules for both directions (in German). The stop for the venue is "Schloss Waldthausen" and mainz main Station "Hauptbahnhof F".

> Schedule from Mainz main station to Schloß Waldthausen

> Schedule from Schloß Waldthausen to Mainz main station


Alternatively you can take a taxi (around 7km). A taxi ride takes 15 minutes.

> +49 (0)6131 910910

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The nearest airport in Frankfurt is only 45 km distant. (about 45 min. by car)